Report Refresher Course 2017 Majlis Ansarullah The Netherlands

By the grace of Allah, Majlis Ansarullah The Netherlands was able to conduct a Refresher Course for Za’uma Majalis and A’amla local Majalis on Sunday the 29th January. Alhamdolillah! Refresher Course was presided by Mirza Fakhar Ahmad Sahib, Sadr Majlis Ansarullah Netherlands. 32 members participated including Za’uma Majalis, A’amila local Majalis and National Majlis-e-A’amila.

In his address,Sadr Sahib mentioned the Annual Programme 2017 after greeting all participants. He said that all programmes are made according to the sayings of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) and (sayings of) Hadhrat Masih-e-Maud (A.S) and (sayings of) Khulafa.

“The key aim of every office bearer is to serve Islam Ahmadiyyat as a helper of God Almighty. Present yourself as a role model. Every member should try to overcome the shortcomings of last year in this new year and pray that Allah may enable us to serve Islam Ahmadiyyat in complete obedience of Khalifa of the time and according to his wishes.”

Different presentations were given by National Qaideen, in which they presented the framework for the year. This year, an administrative handbook has been given to Za’uma Majalis. Different questions were answered related to different topics. Naib Sadr Saf Doom Daud Akmal Sahib delivered a speech on the topic of Annual Programme 2017 and our responsibilities. Naib Sadr Awwal Naseer Ahmad Tahir sahib instructed the attendees by presenting a Hadith and answered the questions about different problems in Majalis.

At the end, Sadr Majlis thanked every member for sacrificing their time and instructed them to build a strong bond with Khilafat. He explained about Ansarullah’s role in collecting funds for Baitul Affiyat, He also requested all to pray for a successful new year. May Allah enable us to serve in a better way. Ameen.

The meeting ended with silent prayer.

Nazir Ahmad Awan
Quaid Amoomi
Majlis Ansarullah the Netherlands