We are the helpers of Allah


Remember that your name is Ansarullah, that is, the helpers of God Almighty. It means that you have been associated with the name of God Almighty, and God Almighty is everlasting and immortal so you should also try to be a manifestation of immortality. May you become the true symbol of Anṣarullah, meaning that may you always uphold the institution of Khilafat and ensure that this work continues in your future generations as well. This can be achieved in two ways. One way is that your children are properly trained and love of Khilafat is inculcated in them. That is why I established Majlis Aṭfalul-Aḥmadiyya, and Majlis Khuddamul-Aḥmadiyya was instituted for the same purpose. These Aṭfal and Khuddam are your own children. If Aṭfalul-Aḥmadiyya are properly trained, then Khuddamul-Aḥmadiyya will also be properly trained. And if Khuddamul-Aḥmadiyya are properly trained, then the next generation of Anṣarullah will also be superior. I have created a hierarchy. The first stage is Aṭfalul-Aḥmadiyya, the second stage is Khuddamul-Aḥmadiyya, the third stage is Anṣarullah, and the fourth stage is God Almighty. If you provide proper guidance to your children as well as supplicate to God Almighty, then all these stages will be accomplished. If your Aṭfal and Khuddam are properly guided as well as you supplicate to God Almighty and establish relationship with Him, then there is no other place for you except heaven. And whomever is raised to heaven, he is safe in every respect. If the world tries to attack, it can only attack up to a hundred or two hundred feet at the most, but cannot reach to the heaven. Therefore, if you reform yourselves and supplicate to God Almighty, then you will establish a relationship with Him. And if you become true Anṣarullah and establish a relationship with God Almighty then the Khilafat will remain among you forever, and it will last even longer than the Khilafat of Christianity.

Hadrat Khalifatul Masih II (may Allah be pleased with him)