Talim Tarbiyyat Seminar

29th December 2018

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Alhamdulillah’s with the blessing and mercy of Allah, Majlis Ansarullah successfully concluded its Talim Tarbiyyat day on 29thDecember 2018. Owing to winter vacations many Ansar were abroad, however a good number of Ansar made the effort to join on the day. In total 47 brothers participated, and benefitted from the event. The proceedings of the day started with the recitation of Holy Quran, The pledge was led by Daud Akmal sahib, Naib Sadr Saf Dom, and a Nazam was recited afterwards.

Naib Amir, Jama’at Ahmadiyya Nederland, Dhr. Abdul Hamid van der Velden sahib delivered the opening speech, he mentioned about the importance of Salat, especially highlighting the importance that is given to the congregational prayers, the other important matter he highlighted in his address was the ranking of financial sacrifice in Islam and Ahmadiyyat.

Hafiz Mussawer Ahmad sahib conducted the first interactive session of this program by teaching, explaining and requesting the audience to join in for practice & exercise of the correct pronunciation and the rules for the Tarteel -ul Quran, this session was extended and ended in one hour instead of ½ hour, indicating the interest that audience took in this interactive session.

The interactive session was followed by the speech of Sultan Ahmad Dar sahib on the topic of “The Importance of Congregational Prayers” the highlight of the speech was a question “do we ever pause and reflect why Allah has created human beings, he quoted a verse from the Holy Quran (Alzarriyat-57) where Allah says that I have created human so that they can supplicate to Me. So, the best way to fulfill this commandment of Allah is through prayers, the foundation of Islam is Namaz, the difference between a Muslim and a non-Muslim is Namaz, to explain the importance he quoted few Hadith, quotes of Hadhrat Messiah Maud (as) and from the Khulafa of Ahmadiyyat.

Next was another interactive session on the “Education of Children” this session was conduction by Boujamaa el Hadouchi sahib, he told the attendees that we live in the western hemisphere of the world, where children are taught at schools to accept things based on logic, therefore it is important for parents to guide their children to wards Islamic values, this is no Taribyyat of child to tell him that because Islam say so, or because I say so, this is only possible when parents themselves know those logical answers, and that will only come with Talim, parents must be confident of their beliefs, parents must know if they do certain Islamic things then why they do it, its not enough that because its an Islamic teaching, remember every Islamic teaching has a reason behind it.Qaid sahib Tarbiyyat, Mohammad Afzal Malhi explains the “7 Levels of faith with regard to the observance of prayers” as defined in the Holy Quran, he narrated how the performance of the prayers increases the levels of faith and strengthen the faith. The Annual Tarbiyyat Plan was also presented.

The last presentation was from the Qaid Talim, Abdul Wasih Mubashir, who spoke on the topic of “Books of Promised Messiah (as) and their importance in an Ahmadi’s life”. He quoted a wish of Promissed Messiah (as) and ask all those present “how are we going to fulfil the wish of Promised Messiah (as) in which he says:

“The community shall be a lighthouse so high as to illuminate the four corners of the world, the members thereof shall serve as a model of Islamic Blessings. “

We should ask ourselves have we even achieved a height with which we can illuminate our block, our street, and we all together the country in which we live. He said that the first commandment to the Ummah of the Holy Prophet (saw) was Aqra  , so from here we should realized the importance of reading and that the reading improves our Talim, which leads a better Tarbiyyat automatically for you and your families, and give you a confidence to engage in Tablighi activities, so remember the root word is Aqra.

The Annual Talim Plan was also presented after the speech. Majlis Ansarullah has designed and compiled a syllabus for Ansar brothers, this syllabus now is available on the website of Majlis Ansarullah Nederland on a Quarterly basis.

The concluding address was delivered by Naseer Ahmad sahib, Naib Sadr Awwal, he shared his thoughts on Namaz, Namaz in congregation, financial sacrifice, and further expressed that Talim is the is the first Shoba as defined in the Constitution of Majlis Ansarullah, which reflects the importance of Talim in each Ansar’s life, further he said the Talim is the root to all further activities of any Ansar, Tarbiyyat of Children, self-reformation and Tabligh.

The day ended with silent prayers led by Missionary Saeed Ahmad Jatt sahib.